Price List


Integrals and Interframes:
Semi-Integral Hunter
Starting at $1850
Full-Integral Hunter
Starting at $2250
Semi-Integral Fighter
Starting at $2850
Full-Integral Fighter
Starting at $3250
Sub-Hilt Integral Dirk/Boot
Starting at $3650
Sub-Hilt Integral Fighter
Starting at $5650 to $6250
Interframe Integral Hunter
Starting at $2250
Interframe Integral Fighter
Starting at $3250
Symmetrical Interframe Full Integral Dagger
Starting at $3450
Prices include BG-42 Steel, Micarta handle material, and a pouch.  On Interframes, I file my inserts into the pockets, so I am limited as to which handle materials I can use. 
Handle Material Options:
Exotic Hardwoods
Premium Stag
Price on Request
Mammoth Ivory, Pearl, Exotic Materials
Price on Request
Carved handles

If you do not see what you like, I welcome your inquiries.  Please keep in mind that prices will vary with your custom requests.  Prices listed above are a general indication.  If a customer wants a specific knife, it will take approximately eight months for delivery.

Delivery time is 6 - 8 months. I sincerely appreciate your patience. Occasionally I do have some knives available for immediate delivery, if you
have any questions please contact me or check the Available Knives page.