"From the first time I met him, Ricardo Velarde was excited about knife making. His enthusiasm for every facet of the knife making process was easily matched by his quick acquisition of the necessary skills. His work is immaculate and he does everything possible to please his customers. He demonstrates the integrity necessary to assure a satisfied clientele. I have come to value his friendship, and I am amazed by his work and thankful for the many things that he has taught me. I recently saw a set of integral, sub-hilt hunters which had the most beautiful combination of satin and bright polish finish that I believe I've ever seen. To be able to call him a protege is a compliment to me. Knowing Ricardo and knowing his work, I can recommend both without hesitation."

Steven R. Johnson
Manti, UT

Ricardo Velarde
7240 Greenfield Dr.
Park City, Utah 84098 USA


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